Wedding VenueGenerally couples have already decided on the venue before we meet, but if not then I am happy to provide feedback on any venues I know - and in most cases I will have photos on my Facebook page of either professional wedding venues or local parks.

If you are planning to have your ceremony outdoors then please give consideration to a 'Plan B' in the event of rain or even seriously windy conditions.  Most reception venues do provide an option for a last-minute change to an indoor ceremony, but its always good to make sure of this in plenty of time so that the disruption to your plans on your wedding day are kept to a minimum.  It's always a good idea to let your guests know of the alternate address for your ceremony as well.

Parks often have large trees for shade on hot days, but consider providing umbrellas for elderly guests as well as some seating.

You are able to be married in any public place however I do recommend applying for a site booking approval from whichever Council controls the area you are planning to use.  This ensures that the place you have picked is not being used by another party.  I can provide a link to the various Councils' websites for this purpose.

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