The Paperwork
Marriage licence

Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) :

This form needs to be signed a minimum of one month prior to your marriage and upon confirming your booking with me this form is completed, signed, witnessed and accepted by me in accordance with the requirements of the Act.

This form can also be signed in the presence of other authorised persons if you are interstate - I can advise you on what is required if this is necessary.

If you wish to, you can download and complete the NOIM which can be found on the Attorney General’s website at

Declarations Form 14:

These declarations are printed on the back of the Certificate of Marriage (Form 16) and signed by the couple generally at the rehearsal, but must always be signed by both parties and witnessed before the marriage ceremony takes place - these declarations are generally signed on the day of your rehearsal, but if you are not intending to have a rehearsal, then arrangements must be made for you to meet with me so that they can be signed and witnessed.  At this time I also check over all the information to ensure the information is correct. 

These declarations simply confirm that there is no legal impediment to your marriage to each other and that you are both of marriageable age or have obtained the necessary Court order for the marriage to take place.

Commemorative Certificate of Marriage (Form 15):

This Certificate is signed & witnessed immediately following the ceremony and kept by the bride & groom.  (I always provide an A4 envelope marked 'Certificate of Marriage' for this important document to be easily stored and kept in good condition.)

Although this Certificate has a registration number it is not considered to be proof of marriage and a certified copy of the Marriage Certificate must be obtained from Births Deaths & Marriages following registration of your marriage.  I make no charge for applying on your behalf for this Certificate but the cost of provision of this document is the responsibility of the couple.

Certificate of Marriage (Form 16):

This document is signed immediately after the ceremony and is posted to Births Deaths & Marriages together with the Notice of Intended Marriage so that your marriage can be registered.

Certificate of Marriage - Marriage Register

This is an identical Certificate to the Form 16 mentioned above and is kept by me in a Marriage Register book as required by the Act.

All documents are prepared by me so there is nothing for you to do except check the accuracy of the information and sign in my presence.

Form 14A - "Happily Ever ... Before and After"

This is a pamphlet which all celebrants must provide to couples which contains important information for couples planning to marry - it covers relationship counselling services as well as drawing your attention to other areas such as taxation, welfare benefits and wills.

Form 14A is a document outlining the obligations and consequences of marriage and is required by the Attorney General to be given to you together with information on relationship support services available.  There is nothing to ‘fill in’.

At the conclusion of your marriage, you will need to sign three (3) certificates –

1.    An official certificate for registration purposes (Form 16).  This is sent to the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages
2.    A second official certificate which is kept in a register by the celebrant
3.    A marriage certificate (Form 15) which you keep

The marriage certificates should be signed using the parties’ usual signatures and pre-marriage names.
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