Your Marriage Ceremony
Bride and Groom

Civil marriages in Australia (those performed by registered marriage celebrants) fall under The Marriage Act 1961 and therefore couples must provide me with:

·        Original birth certificates (preferable in all cases, but compulsory for Australian citizens) - a current valid overseas passport is satisfactory in the case of someone who is not an Australian citizen

·        Proof of the termination of any previous marriage (this is either an original death certificate or certificate of divorce)

·        Photo ID (such as your driver's licence) or a passport

·        Where the bride has been married before and has retained her former husband's name I need to sight the previous marriage certificate (this is to complete the 'paper trail' showing birth name then current name)

·        If your documents are not in the English language, they must be translated by an NAATI accredited translator (I can provide contact details)

·        If you do not have the abovementioned documents at the time of signing the Notice of Intended Marriage you can still sign and provide me with the documents at a later time, prior to your wedding.

·        A person under the age of 18 years must obtain appropriate consents from their parents or guardians as required under the Marriage Act 1961, or an order of a judge or magistrate - under no circumstances can two people under the age of 18 years be married


You will require two witnesses to sign your documents on the day of your marriage ceremony - these witnesses are often part of the bridal party, but they can be anyone you choose provided they are 18 years of age, are present at your ceremony and have a clear understanding of what they are bearing witness to.

Where can you be married?

As an Authorised Marriage Celebrant, registered in Australia I can perform a marriage anywhere in Australia or within Australian territorial waters.

Surprise Weddings

You may plan a surprise wedding for your family and friends but both parties to the wedding must be fully aware of the planned ceremony - in the case of one party being overseas I can accept the notice signed by one party provided the other party signs the document as soon as practicable upon their arrival in Australia.
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